BriteWipes HandzFree microfiber gloves 20-pack – Simple Cleaning Solutions
BriteWipes HandzFree microfiber gloves 20-pack
BriteWipes HandzFree microfiber gloves 20-pack
BriteWipes HandzFree microfiber gloves 20-pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BriteWipes HandzFree microfiber gloves 20-pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BriteWipes HandzFree microfiber gloves 20-pack
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BriteWipes HandzFree microfiber gloves 20-pack

BriteWipes HandzFree microfiber gloves 20-pack

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20 gloves in the set @ $2.50 per glove

ORDER INCLUDES 20 GLOVES -- Don't struggle with holding your microfiber towels -- WEAR THEM and SPEED-UP the cleaning of detailed surfaces that you've been procrastinating cleaning for too long with BriteWipes® "HANDZ-FREE" microfiber gloves. Each glove delivers 4 new cleaning sides with light-speed detail.

100% Microfiber Clean Glove - This glove is 100% microfiber, it's not a cotton glove or an outdoor glove. Uniquely a versatile fit for a right-handed or left-handed user.

Universal Size Fits Most Hands - This amazing microfiber glove has some stretch to it, much more so than your typical microfiber towel, so it fits most average sized hands with a snug, yet comfortable fit.

Knit Design for Comfort - The weave of this design lets your hand's skin breathe while using.

Blind Cleaning and Wood Shutter Cleaning is Much Easier with 'HANDZ-FREE" Cleaning  - The tedious job of cleaning blinds and shutters inside your home has been made easier with this ingenious idea...a microfiber sewn into the shape of a glove. Comfortable and convenient lets you speed through the cleaning of anything you put your hands to. Also works to clean light fixtures and chandeliers.

Amazing Auto Detailing Results Like the Pros - Quick and easy to use in those areas of wheels, vents or other tight spots where a finger would fit quite nicely.

Now is The Time to Order This Game Changer - You will be glad you did - these microfiber gloves will save you time, energy and effort... and may even make you more money! Don't be surprised if these cool gloves are the most innovate, yet simple, change in the way you clean detailed surfaces.
Product Materials & Construction:Microfiber Broker's BriteWipes® "HANDS-FREE" microfiber gloves are serious time savers .
  • Split microfiber material is a knit blend of polyester and polyamide
The glove is made of 100% microfiber material and fits comfortably, yet snuggly on most averages size hands. The microfiber material might be described as stretchy. The knit design allows your hand's skin to breathe when wearing it. Because of it's basic, yet functional design, there is no top or bottom to the microfiber glove so it can be used on either your left or right hand. When your left side glove gets dirty, simply switch it over to your right hand, and vice versa for your right hand, switch it over to your left. When you've used all four sides of the left and right gloves, turn them inside out to reveal another 4 clean surfaces! The gloves are machine washable and it is said they can be laundered hundreds of times when cared for properly. We believe that with the amazing prices we offer, you can afford to get new gloves more frequently to get the maximum cleaning power from the microfiber glove material.

Product Uses
: Our BriteWipes® "HANDS-FREE" microfiber gloves can be used to clean just about everything you've been procrastinating cleaning because of the detailed nature of the chore. Do not clean or use on hot surfaces, due to the nature of microfiber material, it will damage the towel. Use BriteWipes® "HANDS-FREE" microfiber gloves to avoid getting finger smudges or oils on assembly or handling of delicate or shiny surfaces. Useful in auto detailing to clean wheels or other areas where only a finger could fit and also effective for cleaning chandeliers and light fixtures that have hard to reach places or delicate glass or crystal settings. Cleaning wood shutters proves to be a snap with the BriteWipes® "HANDS-FREE" microfiber gloves. Cleaning the top and bottom of the shutter, as well as cleaning around the opening slat, are quick (and profitable) work.

Useful for dusting, but not it's best and ideal use. 

Cleaning Method
  • Microfiber gloves can be used on 4 different sides!
Simple cleaning instructions:
  • Put one on you dominant cleaning hand and begin cleaning
  • When it gets dirty, take it off and and switch it over to your non-dominant hand, giving you a clean surface to clean with
  • To get even more mileage out of your microfiber gloves, take off the dirty glove and turn it inside out.
  • You'll have 2 new cleaning surfaces. Start again with your dominant hand and clean until that hand is dirty
  • Switch over to your non-dominant hand and you'll have the final 4th clean side to clean with.
BriteWipes® "HANDS-FREE" microfiber gloves...faster cleaning than you ever thought possible!