BriteWipes microfiber towels 10-pack – Simple Cleaning Solutions
BriteWipes microfiber towels 10-pack

BriteWipes microfiber towels 10-pack

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10-pack BriteWipes professional quality microfiber towels.

About the product

  • 80% polyester and 20% polyamide
  • Imported
  • Extra low-profile, tight-weave, and Exceptionally absorbent makes this cleaning towel perfect for streak-free cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, automotive and marine hard surfaces.
  • Lint-free and scratch-free for hard surfaces like cleaning glass, cleaning windows, cleaning stainless steel appliances
  • Superior drying ability Removes up to 99-percent of dirt and grime
  • 100-Percent machine washable up to 400 times makes it an economical value over paper towels
  • Used by professionals worldwide in the window cleaning, house cleaning and janitorial cleaning industries. Used by moms because they are safe around kids and pets because we clean with just water.

Product description

Brite & Clean BriteWipes professional grade premium microfiber towel is a large, soft, superior microfiber buffing towel, designed with two sides specifically engineered for different types of cleaning and polishing. Unlike thick and fluffy lopped-style microfiber towels, BriteWipes are specially engineered with a low-profile, tight-weave process that packs more cleaning power per square inch than the thick and fluffy loop towels.

Plus, unlike the loop towels that get the sticky feeling where they feel like they are sticking to your hands, BriteWipes low-profile tight-weave microfiber towels feel better to the touch after multiple uses. One side is slightly shorter and great for removing stains, sap, dirt, sealants and waxes. The opposite, longer pile side is excellent for general cleaning, polishing and buffing.